Punishing the Weak Does Not Show Strength

June 20, 2018

A humane response to the current immigration issue will require elected officials to act intelligently. A grandiose show of toughness is great when dealing with dictators or countries that steal intellectual is not so great when directed against refugees and babies.


Father's Day

June 18, 2018

My father liked to tell a story of why his ten children were all named with 'J' names. According to him, when my oldest sister Jeanne was born, he found a little red wagon and painted 'J. Hoppe' on the side. Rather than repaint the wagon, he named the rest of us John, Judy, Jackie, Janet, Joanne, Jerri, Jill, Jennifer and Julie.


Dual Enrollment

May 23, 2018

Drive around any industrial complex in District 5, and you will be struck by the number of ‘Help Wanted’ signs. Our area has a shortage of trained workers which will intensify once Foxxcon starts looking for employees.


Jump for Archie

May 20, 2018

Yesterday, I jumped in Lac LaBelle to raise awareness of the opioid epidemic and to support efforts to prevent opioid addiction. Paul Farrow, Lauri Badura and Tim Westlake MD are working hard in Waukesha County and in Washington DC to end this scourge.


Happy Graduation, Jack

May 20, 2018

It was great to have all my kids home this weekend.


School Safety

March 19, 2018

To best address school safety we need to consider the input of teachers and school personnel as well as safety experts. I have spoken with members of the school board and with teachers in our district and I will meet with school superintendents to fully understand the possibilities and the limitations of establishing a safe environment for our children.


Announcing my Candidacy

March 02, 2018

I officially announced my candidacy on February 28, 2018! Here's a transcript of the speech I gave that night.


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