I'm Not Pro-Abortion, I'm Pro-Solution

One of the most frustrating attacks made on me during this campaign is the claim that I am ‘pro-abortion’. I am a Catholic pediatrician and mother of six. I have nine siblings and my mother was one of twelve. My husband is also one of ten and my children have 70 first cousins. I am surrounded by children and large families.

All that is to say: I believe abortion is a tragedy, and I want to end it.

I believe abortion is a tragedy, and I want to end it.


But I am a realist. Like it or not, Roe v Wade in unlikely to ever be overturned. Precedence is strong in any court, especially in the Supreme Court. Because of that, abortion is almost certainly going to remain legal in the United States—politicians who tell you otherwise are making empty promises, and according to my private conversations with them, they know it.

Despite this, I believe we still have the power to end abortion. For 27 years I have counselled girls and young women about their reproductive health. Boys too, since they also play a role in pregnancy. I encourage abstinence, and if that is not an accepted alternative, I am proactive in providing reliable contraception. By taking these steps, I’m certain I have prevented more abortions than anyone in Congress.

I’m certain that, by proactively giving girls contraception, I have prevented more abortions than anyone in Congress.

The best way to end abortion is to end unplanned pregnancy. We currently have medical technology that will achieve this goal easily and reliably. Providing access to this technology is crucial, and doing so will prevent far more abortions that a reversal of Roe v Wade ever could.

For many women, access to contraception is provided by Planned Parenthood. Unfortunately, Planned Parenthood also performs abortions, so it’s very difficult to give them federal funding and be absolutely sure that the money won’t be used to fund abortions. To be clear, I do not support using federal dollars to pay for abortions performed anywhere, by anyone, including Planned Parenthood. I would only support funding for Planned Parenthood if there were a bulletproof guarantee that the money would not be used to fund abortions.

That guarantee is difficult if not impossible to get, so instead, I propose we deliver contraception through Community Health Centers.

Community Health Centers are a cost effective approach to healthcare, especially for lower income populations. These centers can do an excellent job of providing preventive healthcare and support for young women and for families. Currently, there are roughly 1,200 such centers in the US. We need many more.

Community Health Centers do an excellent job of providing preventive healthcare and support for young women and for families. We need many more.

Because these centers provide comprehensive preventive care, they are likely to reduce the reliance on Planned Parenthood’s family planning services—why go to Planned Parenthood for PAP tests and contraceptives, when a Community Health Center will give you PAP tests, contraceptives, and all the other care you might need, all in one place?

The transition will not happen overnight, but scaling up the number of Community Health Centers will pull patients away from Planned Parenthood. At some point, Community Health Centers will provide all of the necessary family planning, and Planned Parenthood will only provide abortions. At that point, it would be much easier to stop the flow of federal dollars, without leaving millions of women without access to PAP tests and contraceptives.

I know many will not agree with this approach. Many people do not believe in contraception at all. But, as I said, I am a realist. I want to end abortion, but after 50 years of protesting and pleading, nothing has changed. We can spend another 50 years doing the same, or we can face reality and find a solution by focusing on preventive care.

It’s time for Americans to decide what the end goal is. Is the end goal to overturn Roe v Wade and defund Planned Parenthood? If you think that’s the end goal, you’re free as an American to pursue it. But my goal is to end abortion, and the best way to do that is to end unplanned pregnancy with the help of Community Health Centers.

We need to focus less on legal decisions and funding plans, and focus more on basic biology. If we do that, abortion will be gone before you know it.

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