I'll see his 50 years and raise him 100.

I understand my Republican credentials have been questioned. It was said that I only recently became a Republican. Not true. My family settled in Germantown, Wisconsin a few years before Wisconsin became a state. My Great-Great-Grandfather Martin Schottler (#13 in the pic below) was a Republican representative in the State Assembly in 1863 and 1864, 100 years before Jim Sensenbrenner first held public office. Martin’s house is the German Farmhouse at Old World Wisconsin.


On a shelf in my house sit two objects given to me by my parents. From my mother, a Madonna, from my father, a Herbert Hoover mug from a campaign event in the ’20s.


I couldn’t locate my invitation to the George H. W. Bush inauguration but the pic is the dress I wore to the Inaugural Ball. I saved it.


At the event I stood right behind Kevin Costner as we waved goodbye to the Reagans’ helicopter. Wayne Newton wore a full length fur. Vice President Dan Quayle hosted the Young Republicans Ball and it was a blast.

A year later I had my first child… then five more.

old pics 2 556.jpg

A full time medical practice and six children left little time for political activity, but that does not make me any less Republican. Now that my sixth child is off to college I am returning to the arena. The party has changed but the principles of fiscal conservatism and small government are as important as ever.

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