Father's Day

Walter Hoppe in full regalia

My father liked to tell a story of why his ten children were all named with ‘J’ names. According to him, when my oldest sister Jeanne was born, he found a little red wagon and painted ‘J. Hoppe on the side. Rather than repaint the wagon, he named the rest of us John, Judy, Jackie, Janet, Joanne, Jerri, Jill, Jennifer and Julie.

That was my father’s humor: subtle and dry. He could have given Bob Newhart some lessons. I cannot tell you how many times I have asked a patient to stand up and see if, when he is standing, his feet reach all the way to the floor. That was my 5’6” father’s way of proving he himself was just the right height.

My father had the unique experience of raising nine daughters and one son. By the time I was born, 11 years and 6 daughters after my brother, he had embraced the idea that a daughter can do all the same things as a son. There were no ‘girl jobs’ or ‘boy jobs’. In the Hoppe house, girls fished, hunted, mowed the lawn, and hammered nails. As a result, it was completely natural and even expected that my sisters who were strong in mathematics would follow my father into engineering. My sister with the incredible organizational skills would get a nursing degree and an MBA. I liked science, so medicine seemed the most logical path. People have asked me what it means to be a woman running for Congress. I don’t really see how it is any different than being a man running for Congress, and I attribute that to the way my father treated his daughters.

My father taught me many things. He believed in doing what is right even if it is not popular. He was an expert at solving problems and re-purposing everyday items. But the most important thing he taught me was that if I feel something is necessary I should do everything I can to accomplish it.

He would love this campaign.

The Republican Primary vote takes place on Tuesday, Aug. 14, 2018. My run for Congress in Wisconsin’s fifth district marks the first time in history that a woman has run for this seat in office.

Dr. Jennifer Hoppe Vipond was born and raised in Wisconsin’s fifth district and has practiced as a pediatrician in Waukesha country for over 25 years. She has spent the majority of her life in Wisconsin’s fifth district, where she and her husband, Mark, raised six children while she maintained a full time medical practice. Vipond has taken a common sense approach to medicine, which has garnered her a loyal following of families who admire Dr. Vipond for her intelligent, caring, and no-nonsense approach to patient care.

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