Jump for Archie

Yesterday, I jumped in Lac LaBelle to raise awareness of the opioid epidemic and to support efforts to prevent opioid addiction. Paul Farrow, Lauri Badura and Tim Westlake MD are working hard in Waukesha County and in Washington DC to end this scourge.

In 2008 a 19 year old patient of mine died of a heroin overdose. Since then I have seen a steady increase in children orphaned by opioids, babies born addicted and in withdrawal and families entering foster care because the parents are either incapacitated or incarcerated. Congress has been slow to pass legislation to get control over the epidemic and the bills that have passed have been greatly underfunded. This lack of response is one of the main reasons I am running for Congress. We need people with energy and passion who understand the impact opioids have had on our communities and will work with the urgency this issue deserves.


What do you think about this? Call (262) 419-0019 to leave a voicemail, and I might share your thoughts on this website!

Paid for by Vipond Committee