Fiscal Responsibility & Supporting Business

My career has been about giving the children of this area their best possible future. Our increasing national debt threatens that future. I will work to minimize waste and excess spending and to limit deficit spending.

We need to pass balanced budgets, not by increasing taxes, but by reducing spending.

In District 5 we are blessed with a strong mix of multi-national corporations and small businesses that stand to benefit from the new tax laws. I will work to make sure those tax cuts translate into investment in our communities leading to better jobs and higher wages for working Americans.

I will work to make sure tax cuts translate into better jobs and higher wages for working Americans.

The tax cuts for corporations and small businesses passed in 2017 were necessary to keep jobs in the United States and to allow our family-run businesses to stay competitive in a global marketplace and have contributed to record low unemployment.

While that is great, the real benefit will only be seen if the corporations use the tax cuts to finance expansion and investment here in the United States. To have a strong business community, we must have an effective workforce development plan. I have met with school administrators and business leaders to explore ways to help young people acquire the skills needed to take advantage of the job opportunities in our district.

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